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Love your kitchen!

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If your kitchen is good quality but doesn’t have the look your going for, our team can restore it to suit your taste and needs. Affordable, long lasting kitchen refurbishments are what we do best. We offer great prices so that you can use your hard earned cash on extras like a new cooker, american fridge freezer or  upgraded work surfaces like Quartz stone or Granite. We can redesign your kitchen using your existing units and doors to optimise your worktop space. Our team will guide you through every step and create a space you can be truly proud of.

Here’s one we made earlier!

This is a great example of a kitchen restoration. We were able to utilise a similar layout whilst transforming the working space. We re-sprayed the kitchen doors, rearranged the cabinets to make the most of the space, added a bespoke kitchen island, installed stunning Granite work surfaces and new Franke sink and taps.  The client saved £1000’s on a new kitchen but still got the new kitchen look.

We take pride in our work!

See for yourself

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Click image to view full gallery Kitchen  Restoration - Portglenone This 15 year old, homely kitchen was ideal for a full restoration, having been carefully maintained over the years. The new solid oak shaker-style doors, painted in one of Farrow and Ball’s lighter colours are complemented by high pressure laminate worktops in black with gloss wall tiles to create a sharp clean look. Fortunately on this kitchen, we were able to restore Buy Valium Mastercard

Ordered Valium 3 Mg Iv Stat

Click image to view full gallery Kitchen Restoration - Portadown This well kept 15 year old solid oak arched kitchen, with T&G pine ceiling and dark brown ceramic tiles had very little accessible work surface and no dining area and required a total rethink. We came up with a unique re-design which involved breaking through from the kitchen window into the existing sun room to open up the space and create an easily accessible dining area. The Purchase Valium

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