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A fresh start!

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Is it time to replace your old kitchen and start afresh? The perfect kitchen is the the one that suits your lifestyle. Our kitchens are affordable, long lasting and designed around you. We use intelligent design to give optimum working areas and storage solutions so that your kitchen functions as well as it looks. We’re on hand to advise on the latest colour trends and quality components, giving you the benefit of our combined years of experience. LPS Kitchens & Interiors – Different by Design

Here’s one we made earlier!

On this project we created a beautiful new kitchen in what was previously a dark and dated room. New doors, cabinets and Quartz stone worktops were added along with a contrasting bespoke fridge housing and custom pantry unit.  The client was thrilled with the new kitchen and has gained a new found love for cooking.



We take pride in our work!

See for yourself

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