Internals & Storage

Clever kitchen storage ideas are essential in the modern kitchen – the traditional heart of the home is no longer just a space for cooking but also for dining, entertaining, relaxing and family life. 

Corner Storage & Pull Out Units

Don’t allow hard to reach, small or awkward corners in your kitchen to be wasted space.  There are various clever options available now such as carousels which rotate full circle allowing you to easily access your kitchen items.  A selection of pull out units are also available and are an ideal way to maximise storage in a small, narrow space.  

Drawer Storage

Drawers can sometimes be more effective in terms of storage than cupboards, provided that the internals and depth of the drawers are carefully thought out. 

Manage your drawer space efficiently by choosing one of the many design solutions. From cutlery inserts to pan drawer dividers, we have the answer to your organisational needs!

Pull-Out Bins

To help keep your kitchen clean and tidy, why not consider a pull-out bin?  With a variety of options in all shapes and sizes to suit different spaces, pull out bins are even effective for recycling too with some featuring compartments for different materials. With a variety of options in all shapes and sizes to suit different spaces, modern pull out bins are a necessity for our modern way of recycling and simplify this task for busy homes.


Pantries house everything all in the one place and allow you to see easily at a glance what you have. They come in all shapes and sizes so even if you have a small space, don’t rule one out.  Internally you have a plethora of options from pull-out baskets to shallow shelving on the back of the doors for spices and other small condiments.

Time for a change?

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