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Lighting Plan

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. This multi-functional, highly visible space needs layers of illumination to make it really shine, including feature lights, practical task lighting and ambient lighting.

Designed well, a lighting scheme can transform a kitchen, making it look bigger, brighter and better.

When designing a kitchen, a well considered lighting scheme planned early on is vital to the overall finish of the space. LPS will always consider how you’ll use lights in a practical sense, as well as how they look aesthetically and the mood they create. LPS can guide you through the maze of products and recommend the products and systems to compliment any lighting requirements.

Since the introduction of low voltage LED lighting with an ever increasing number of products, we have found that many are simply not compatible with each other. LPS only use the best in LED lighting technology using the latest new generation dimmer and drivers to complete your zoned lighting system.

Feature Lights

Feature lighting can refer to the fitting itself, which makes a statement whether on or off, or any interesting lighting, such as colour-changing systems, sparkling plinth lights or in-cupboard illumination, that adds an extra dimension but is not absolutely essential.

Practical Task Lighting

Task lighting refers to the brightest lights, which target the main working areas such as worktops, cooker and sink.

Under-cupboard spots fitted directly above the hob and sink will ensure bright, focused task lighting; make sure you position them as close to the front edge of the cupboard as possible, otherwise you’ll illuminate the back of the worktop only. It is vital that lighting positions are chosen early on in the planning stage to ensure that task lighting is correctly positioned to alleviate heavy shadow and have an even distribution of good light in heavily used areas.

Ambient Lighting

For wider mood lighting, start by looking at how much natural light comes into your kitchen, noting the number of windows and the direction in which they face.

If the kitchen is multi functional with a strong living element, it’s worth considering ambient illumination such as dimmable wall lights, kickboard lighting and eyeball lights.

LPS will find ways to incorporate light fittings which is not visible to the eye.  This will help to ensure you achieve subtle background illumination throughout the space and this will create a beautifully welcoming atmosphere.

Zoned Switches & Controls

Planning where your controls and switches are very important and should be implemented at the design stage.

Planning the position of controls and dimmer switches is essential for creating soft ambient light by decreasing power to the light source or better still with a wealth of light sources at your disposal and different functions to cater for, it is wise to consider a flexible control system. At LPS we use only the latest new generation dimmer and drivers to complete your zoned lighting system

For the ultimate scene-setting device, today’s intelligent light systems allow you to create and recall pre-set light patterns at the touch of a button.

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